Expected earnings with T17+
Current BTCUSD rate USD
Invest amount (machine purchase price) USD
Break even in Days
Day cost (1kwh=0.47 CNY (about7.6 JPY) USD
Day profit USD
Year cost (1kwh=0.47 CNY (about7.6 JPY) USD
Year profit USD
Year rate 0.23
※Current time: 2019/01/19

It is a hosting service. First of all, you buy Bitmain's Mining Machines.
After that, we act on behalf of operation and maintanance with your machines.

Currently, we have two Mining Farms that can operate around 100,000 machines per each in China.
Moreover, the new Mining Farm has been under construction in China.

【What's new】

(Unnecessary Initial cost for set up the machines)

We had operated a Mining Farm that had arond 400 machines in Japan.
It costed around 15,000,000yen for the infrastructure.
It was the necessary investment for the Mining Business. However, it can say the Useless investment.
Because this infrastructure doesn't make money by itself. It's better to use that money to
Mining Machines without the useless investment. Even soon, you can start your Mining Business if you use our hosting service.

【Cheap Electricity bill】

Our Farm's electricity bill is 0.47 Chinese yuan/ kw. (It's around 7.6yen/kw).
It means it can not only sustain the current Mining business but also increase revenue.

For example,Bitmain S9 still has profits and is in operation( it has been operating for over 2 years)
when calculating at BTC price of 3,800 dollar as of December 31st 2018.
The key to the success of Mining business is to keep it running for a long time.

【Special price】

As a result of our achievement, we have been able to purchase Bitmain product and
WhatsMiner product at low price.

Recently, there are many cases that you cannot buy their product easily
because it takes more than three months for delivery date, or sold out immediately.

At the moment, we promise quick delivery and
secure the requested number of units at a special price.

In addition, shipping fee for the international version is about $150 per machine,
however you are not required this cost.

Needless to say,
preparing equipment cheaply is also the secret of success in mining business.

【Repair correspodence etc.. maintenance and operation will be performed】

As you probably know, Mining machine breaks down often.
It is very important to quickly respond to failures and restore them.

Usually, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for fixing the machine if you are operating overseas.
However, our place is in China, it is easy to check and fix your machines.
Moreover, Checking the status of your equipments, repairing, etc.
Operation,Maintenance is also included in the electricity bill.
But there is a warranty period. Repair correspondence when the warranty period
(180 days after purchase) elapses is required separately.

Introduction of Mining Farm

We will send you our Farm's pictures via E-mail etc. It is possible to visit our Mining Farm.
So please feel free to contact us. We will organize a tour to our Mining Farm on a regular basis.

As a frequent question, mining itself is not regulated in China.
We operate a mining farm legally.


Please purchase the Mining Machines. Minimum lot is 100 or more.

The installation and maintenance costs are as follows.
・Initial cost : Free
・Electric bill: 0.47yuan/kwh (about $0.066)
・Maintenance and operation: Free(※within warranty period)

※ There is a warranty period. Repair correspondence when the warranty period
(180 days after purchase) elapses is required separately.

Payment: 1 month advance payment by USD/USDT.

Introduction of Mining machine

Our service is hosting services specialized in Bitmain and WhatsMiner products.
It is a comprehensive conclusion that considers the frequency of failures,
stability, maintenance response, etc. Other manufacturer's products are not handled.

Currently only the lineup below, but other Bitmain or WhatsMiner
product handling is also possible so please contact us.

Payment method is paid in advance and can be paid by USD, USDT.


S17e 64T/2880W
Start Mining Day:Early December


S20S 68T/3264W
Start Mining Day:Mid-November